The Festival

The ESRC Festival of Social Science (FoSS) is an annual celebration of the social sciences and a key element of ESRC's commitment to promote awareness of UK social

The ESRC Festival of Social Science offers a fascinating insight into some of the country's leading social science research and how it influences our social, economic and political lives – both now and in the future. Discover how it shapes public policy and contributes to making the economy more competitive, as well as giving people a better understanding of 21st-century society.

The Southampton Festival

The Southampton branch of the wider ESRC festival was born in 2019, and is organised by the Impact Funding Team, part of the University’s Research and Innovation Services.

The team manage the University’s UKRI Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAS), working with colleagues across the University to support research and commercialisation strategies in order to maximise and promote the impact of the University’s research.

Through the University of Southampton’s Festival of Social Science, we aim further ESRC’s mission and showcase the importance of social science research to today’s society. We liaise with researchers here at the University and provide them with a platform to facilitate dialogue with new audiences.